The fall season will run from September 5th to November14th.

Practices will be held at the boathouse, located at 137 Squire Pope Road, Hilton Head Island.

Practices will be held Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 4:30-7:00 (until the time change, and then we end at dark) and Saturday from 8:30-11:30. For those that are middle school/novices usually no Saturday practice. If you're not sure if you're a novice or varsity please check with Coach Chuck or Coach E.

Our first practice is September 5th.

Our regatta schedule for this season:

October 2 High Point Autumn Rowing Festival (High Point, NC)

This is for novice and varsity rowers. This is also the only Sunday race so the SAT's are feasible on Saturday and then drive up to High Point.

October 15 First Coast Head Race (Jacksonville, FL)

This is for varsity only

October 23 Head of the Charles (Boston, MA )

This is for select boats only. Probably only a few varsity doubles. This is a 3 day race but more information will be given to the select boats.

November 5 Head of the Hooch (Chattanooga, TN)

This is for qualifying varsity boats.

This is a 2 day race so drive up Friday and drive back Sunday after the trailer is ready to go

November 11 Head of the South (Augusta, GA)

This is for everyone

For new rowers, most of our races are on Saturday and we drive up Friday and aim to get to the race site by 3:00 so that the boats can be unloaded and rigged and set up the tents at the race site. We are usually at the race site early Saturday morning, but will get the exact information from coach on Friday night based on the races. Races are an all day affair and no one can leave until the trailer is packed and ready. Trying to book hotels in advance is advisable with the ability to cancel if necessary. More specific information will be sent out prior to each race.

For those of you with older kids SAT dates are 10/1 and 11/5; ACT dates are 9/10 and 10/22.


Season fees are $650 per rower. We would like them paid by September 17th and there are no refunds. New rowers have until the 17th to decide if they want to stick with the program, so if you're not sure if your child is going to stay you have until then to make the payment.

Regatta fees: There is a fee for each regatta, which is TBD, which is paid before each regatta. This pays for regatta entry fees, coach's rooms and gas to pull the boats.


Each rower needs a uniform for the regattas. We have some uniforms in back stock that are available for purchase, but if we don't have your rower's size then they will need to be ordered. We would like to know by September 9th which we know is a quick decision but the shipping turnaround is tight and we would need them by the October 2 regatta.

Swag: There will be some Tshirts and sweatshirts from previous seasons available for sale at the High Point regatta. You can also go to and Hilton Head Island Crew has a shop where you can also purchase things.

Paperwork: All of the paperwork will be done through ICrew this year. For new rowers you will be sent an email invitation to get started.

We are also going to be using ICrew for most payments for fees and regattas this year. Since this is still a fairly new program for us please allow us some grace as we work out the kinks. We also take cash and checks.

There will be more information as we move forward into the season.

If you have any coach related questions please feel free to reach out to Coach Chuck or Coach E